We recognise that this is a challenging time for everyone and we just wanted to let you know that the SpLD Team are still providing tutorial support as we have always done, but now it will be offered by telephone or through online platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

If you already have a tutorial booked in with us but are not sure how the tutorial will proceed, don’t worry, the Central Hub Team will be contacting you by telephone, to arrange a telephone appointment with your SpLD Tutor. Then as part of the tutorial, we can discuss the advantages of moving to an online platform for a more effective tutorial, e.g. viewing and sharing documents, etc.

If you would like to book an SpLD Tutorial, as usual, please use the details below to contact us.

Note, we are also still offering our short 15 minute appointments throughout the week, for any general SpLD inquiries which are not tuition related.

Our main advice is to remember that all Student Support services, including the Specific Learning Differences team, remain open (although staff are working remotely).  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by using one of the methods listed below.

As this is an evolving situation we will keep you notified of any changes to our services on this webpage and via social media.

Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter @hulluniservices  for regular updates.

Thank you for your understanding during this unique situation - we are doing our best to continue to deliver our services and we ask for your patience during this time​. 

You can find out more about the University changes on the University of Hull website. Please do continue to follow the latest expert advice from the National Health Service and Public Health England.


How To Contact Us


The services below are available from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.


Call 01482 462222 and one of our advisors will be ready to assist you.

Enquiry & Live Chat

Visit myHull Portal to raise an enquiry or speak directly to one of our advisors through Live Chat.

How to access Live Chat
How to raise an enquiry




You can arrange appointments by contacting us through one of the above methods. All appointments will be conducted over the telephone or via a video call.

You will be provided with an appointment slot, however please be available 30 minutes either side of this time. Please ensure that you are somewhere quiet and confidential to take the call and please do not use hands free. The call may come from a withheld number.

If the call is not answered, you will lose your appointment slot and be asked to rearrange, so please ensure your phone is switched on and near you.


Other Student Support Services


Click here to find out more about the other support services during COVID-19.


Adapting to a new study environment


Changes to study practices/ locations and new processes can sometimes feel uncomfortable, especially if your strategies and mechanisms no longer work. It  is completely normal to feel a little lost or concerned about working in this new way. Give yourself time to adjust, try out different strategies and find new ways to manage that work for you. If you are finding your work environment challenging, please do contact us through one of the above methods.

We also advise that you engage with your peers via online communication platforms is a great way to talk though your ideas, and helps by having some quicker verbal discussion, reducing some of the written communication. 


SpLD Tutorials


Remote working can be an advantage to your learning and very time efficient, convenient and easy. However, there are several things you should bear in mind.

  • Organise a way to directly communicate with your tutor (mobile, email) for instant messages. 
  • Try out whichever platform that your tutor is using. Make sure you are ready for the session, so time is not spent on technical glitches.
  • Make contact before the session if you need to, for example sending an invitation to share Google Doc or an invite to be added to contacts.
  • Make sure you have adequate internet. 
  • Have all you need at hand, headphones, charging cable, notepad etc.
  • Have a quiet, comfortable and private place to work; if you are using a camera remember the background. Background noise is amplified online so you tutor may not be able to hear you.
  • Keep to the time booked, if sessions start late, the same rules apply for face to face meetings. This includes letting your tutor know more than 24hrs in advance of cancellations. 
  • From my experience students are more likely to change appointment times when receiving online support. This is often not possible, so please keep your time slot.
  • Distance support tuition will be as close to face to face support as possible; it is not just going over your work together or sharing word documents. 
  • You may have to send an email to your tutor after each tutorial session for confirmation purposes. 


Finally, The Skills Team have put together a guide for students to Remote Learning,  including how to access recorded lectures, webinars and library resources off campus, and more general skills like time management and group work.


DSA Advice


Have you recently applied for DSA? You may be wondering if the next steps  have changed.

We just wanted you to know that once your DSA gets approved, the process remains much the same.

First, you will get a DSA2 approval letter which will ask you to arrange a Study Needs Assessment (also known as an  Assessment of Needs). 

You will be able to arrange an online appointment for this at The Hull Assessment Centre (part of Yorlinc). Andy Sweeting and the team  will talk you through everything you need to know when you contact them to make the appointment.

To book the appointment, or to find out more about what they will do,  call The Hull Assessment Centre on 01482 463669.

There's also this helpful video that explains the process:

Alternatively, if you would like any more advice from ourselves then please use one of the methods above to contact us.



Assistive Technology


The learning Support Team understand that you will working on your PC even more at the moment and we have a wide array of software available to you. Please click here for more details.


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