Financial Support


The University of Hull has a range of funds to support students experiencing financial hardship and difficulty.  

Money struggles and unexpected additional costs can detract you from focusing on your studies. Often, managing your money, planning and seeking support with any financial concerns you have may ease the burden.  

The Financial Support Team are here to provide advice and support with any concerns or difficulties you may have with your finances.  

If you think you are eligible for one of our specialist support funds or are in financial difficulty and unsure what financial support to apply for, please contact the Financial Support Team using the myHull Portal.

Please tell us as much as you can about the problems you face and detail all other means of financial support you have accessed already. Using this information, we will advise you which fund would be the most appropriate for you.

If you are an enrolled student, you can find detailed guidance, including full eligibility criteria, on our Grants and Funds module in MyJourney.


How to apply

To apply for one of the funds below or get more information on which fund is most suitable, please contact the Financial Support Team using the myHull Portal, giving as much detail as possible about your current financial situation.

Students should make adequate provisions for their tuition fees and living costs before the start of their course. We expect you to have explored all income sources, such as student/government funding, student overdrafts, parental support, or part-time work before applying.

Please be aware that being advised to apply for a particular fund does not guarantee an award, and we use internal and external guidelines to assess all applications fairly.

If you require benefit advice, please contact the HUSU Advice Centre.



Hardship Funds


Hardship Support Fund

Our Hardship Support Fund is a means-tested fund for students experiencing financial difficulties and is based on your eligible income and expenditure over the academic year. If there is a deficit or shortfall, usually an award will be made.

If you are an international student, we can offer support from our funds to cover any unexpected, short-term difficulties. Any support we offer will be compliant with the terms of your student visa, if applicable.

We can also support students facing difficult or unforeseen financial circumstances, for example, homelessness, relationship breakdown, or family bereavement.

Please note: Some hardship payments are made from funds donated to the University. If you receive payment from donated funds, we will ask you to complete an additional form and write a ‘Thank You’ letter to the trustees.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support for the following:

  • Students who need support to repay their tuition fees.
  • Students enrolled as ‘exam only’, or in the writing-up phase of a postgraduate course.
  • Students on validated courses.
  • Students who are studying PGCE via SCITT gateway.
  • Students who are studying the University Certificate in Health and Social Care Practice. This course is a level 4 University standalone award (60 credits) that is not attached to a degree.
  • Students who are studying a part-time course of less than 25% (30 credits) of a full-time equivalent course.
  • Students studying on a paid apprenticeship.

Contact the team through the myHull portal for further information regarding your eligibility, how to apply, and the evidence needed.


Short term support

The University offers short-term loans for students experiencing a delay in receiving their funding. You can apply for a short-term loan once you are enrolled. The loans can be used as a bridge to cover expenses, such as rent and living costs until you receive your funding. All loans are paid via BACS (we do not use cash).

International students must ensure they have opened a UK bank account before applying for a short-term loan.

We also offer bus cards, food vouchers and hardship packages for students in immediate financial difficulty.

Contact the team through the myHull portal for further information regarding your eligibility, how to apply, and the evidence needed.


Specialist funds


Humber Grant

If you are a Young Adult Carer, Care Leaver, or Estranged from your family, the University of Hull offers a range of support to ensure you have the best possible student experience.

Our Humber Grant is a financial assistance package and is awarded in addition to any financial support you may receive from your local authority or Student Finance England (SFE). The grant does not need to be paid back. To qualify for the grant, you need to:

  • Be a Home student.
  • Have a permanent residence in the UK.
  • Be aged under 25 on the first day of the academic year.
  • And be able to provide evidence of your Estrangement, Care Leaver status, or that you are a Young Adult Carer.


Child Grant 2023/24

For students starting their course in 2023 or earlier, £200 per child is available to undergraduate UK students with an annual residual household income of £25,000 or less and who have children aged 16 or under (or up to 19 years if in full-time education), and are receiving Child Benefit.

The grant is not available to NHS funded students, students studying less than 25% full-time equivalent or students whose fees are paid or part-paid through a sponsorship agreement, and students must be paying £9,000 or £9,250 tuition fees.

Applications for the Child Grant open in trimester two, and any eligible student will be contacted and invited to make an application.


Sports Excellence Representation Programme

To nurture and develop student sport at the university, this programme offers financial support to compete in local, regional, national, and international sporting competitions.

Funding is available to any student or staff member preparing to compete in a notable or elite-level sporting event. To find out more, email with details of the competition and what steps you’ve taken to get there.


Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) Reimbursement

Student Finance England (SFE) offers Disabled Students’ Allowances for those with additional costs incurred whilst studying at University due to a disability or long-term health condition. If eligible, you may receive help with specialist equipment, travel or a support worker. If your Study Needs Assessment recommends you require a computer or laptop, you will need to contribute £200 towards this. However, The University of Hull will reimburse this £200 to students. 



The University of Hull has partnered with Blackbullion, a free-to-use service helping young people and students develop financial skills and access guidance and tips on money matters.

You can sign up using this link

Enrolled students will be able to access a wider range of information and advice by linking their Blackbullion account to their University of Hull student email. If you are an applicant, you will find it a useful tool to plan budgeting and access some relevant modules, and your account can be verified when you enrol. 


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