Why did I receive this? Support to help you Unable to attend University Errors with Attendance Information Lost or Forgotten Student Card Card reader does not work


Why did I receive this?

Our records indicate that you did not tap-in to some of your timetabled teaching events in the past seven days and we wanted to ensure that you are mindful of your engagement and remind you we are here to help.

Recording attendance at timetabled events is one of the ways the University helps identify students who may need additional support.


Support available to help you

We offer several free support services that many students will use from time to time. The information below will help you select the right services, should you need them. Clicking on the links in the descriptions will take you to a website with more detailed information on each service.

  • The Student Life Team provide engagement drop-ins for any student struggling to engage with their studies. Appointments are 30 minutes in length and are available Monday to Friday 09:00-16:30 in the Central Hub, 1st floor Student Central.
    Specific time-slots can be booked in person at the Central Hub or by phoning 01482 462222 (option 6) and requesting a Student Life Appointment.

  • Our Immigration Advisers provide confidential information, guidance, advice and support on study-related immigration queries
  • The Mental Health Support Team support students with mental health issues and/or those experiencing significant life events, which are affecting their ability to manage university life.  The team can support students who are feeling unsafe, suicidal or who have been the victim of sexual or domestic abuse, or have substance abuse issues.  The team also work with students who are on the autistic spectrum and can support applications for Disabled Students’ Allowance.
  • Our Learning Support team helps students with specific learning differences, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, to achieve their potential
  • Our Disability Advisers can support students with a disability in reaching their academic goals
  • Our ResLife team support students living in University accommodation. They offer a friendly face, a listening ear and a range of activities to get involved in. They also help resolve issues that can occur in communal living environments. To make contact with the team or to book an appointment, please email reslife@hull.ac.uk

  • The Skills Team in the Library offers a number of skills development workshops in study skills, writing skills, referencing skills, presentation skills and more

Need help urgently?

In an emergency, campus security can be contacted on 01482 465555. For non-emergencies, their number is 01482 466868.

Security can contact the emergency services on your behalf if necessary.


What to do if you are unable to attend University

We know things don't always go to plan. Please contact your Student Hub if you are unable to attend the University because of illness or any other reason. This will be recorded in the student information system by the staff in your student hub.

It is important that you notify the University if you are unable to attend, as otherwise you will be marked as absent from those sessions, and may be contacted about your attendance.

You must never ask another student to tap-in using your card if you are not present in the teaching space. Such behaviour will lead to all of those involved facing a charge of student misconduct that could lead to termination of studies with the University.


What to do if you think there is an error with your attendance information

Please contact your Student Hub if you think your attendance information has been recorded incorrectly. They will be able to investigate and correct things where needed.


Where can I check my attendance information?

You can visit the SEAtS website , you will be able to see the attendance history in your calendar. Attendance information is updated in real time.

What to do if you have lost or forgotten your student card

Please still attend your teaching events. Even if you don't have your student card you can make sure your attendance is recorded by informing the person leading the event at the end of the session.

If you have lost your student card you can obtain a replacement from the Central Hub, 1st floor, Student Central. Replacement cards can be ordered online.


What to do if the Student Card Reader doesn't work

It is important that you inform the person leading the teaching event as soon as possible if there is a problem with the Student Card Reader. They will organise collection of the attendance information via a register.

How do I know that my card has been read?

The student card reader will display a large green tick and issue a single beep to acknowledge that your card has been read. If you are not sure if your card has been read, just tap it on the reader again. Multiple reads of your card will not affect your attendance record as the time and date of the first successful read will be used to determine when you attended.

How do I tap-in?

Simply tap your student card on the reader where you see the contactless logo:
the contacless logo, as present on the bottom of the reader
As long as you tap-in on a student card reader in the right teaching space at the right time your attendance will be recorded automatically.

Where can I tap-in?

Student card readers are normally located within each teaching space. Large lecture theatres will have multiple readers in them located to minimise congestion and wait time. It is important that you tap-in on a reader for the teaching space you are scheduled to attend in, otherwise your attendance will not be recorded.

When can I tap-in?

You can tap-in from 20 minutes before the start of a teaching session until 20 minutes before the end, though it will be easiest if you tap-in as you arrive. For example, if you were attending a lecture that started at 9am and finished at 9.50am you could tap-in at any time from 8.40am until 9.40am. Anyone tapping in after the first 15 minutes of a session will be recorded as attending late, provided they arrive before the cut-off point 20 minutes before the end. If you tap-in too early or too late your attendance will not be recorded.

Can I use more than one card?

No, if you find an old student card after obtaining a replacement, only your current card will work.

What happens if I don't tap-in?

The University will be informed automatically when students are not attending their timetabled teaching events, so it is important you tap-in or make sure your attendance is recorded by the person leading the teaching event.

Any questions?

If you still have any questions about Student tap-in you can raise an Enquiry on the Student Information Desk

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