The current situation can be challenging for everyone, and the International Engagement & Compliance Team would like to re-assure you that we are here to support you with any visa and/or study related immigration queries.

Our main advice is to remember all Student Support services, including the International Engagement and Compliance Team, remain open (even though our teams are working remotely most of the time).


Immigration Rules

On 5th October 2020 the UKVI (Home Office) implemented some changes affecting international students visa applications. Tier 4 General visas have been replaced by the Student visas (part of the Student Visa Route).

Further information is available here. We will endeavour to update our information as soon as possible.


Students Currently in the UK

We appreciate that you have had to make difficult choices in the last few months to either return home or stay in the UK. Thank you for keeping us informed of your decisions.

If you have returned home, please do not hesitate to contact us should you need anything. We will be here to support you whilst you continue with your studies remotely, but we will also be here to support you as you look to make plans to return to the UK.

If you plan to return home soon, please inform your Faculty Hub.

If you are in the UK and your visa is due to expire please contact our team as soon as possible.


Outside the UK Student Visa applications

If you are waiting for your visa application to be processed or planning to submit your Student visa application as soon as possible, you should have enrolled and you can continue to engage with your studies remotely until you obtain your visa and safely travel to the UK.


Arriving in the UK

We would like to be prepare for your arrival in order to make your experience of coming here as smooth as possible. Please complete the following form, to let us know when you intend to travel to the UK:


Contact details and self-isolation

It is important to arrange at least few weeks of accommodation prior to your arrival in the UK as you may need to self-isolate when you arrive and will need to provide UK Border Control with your contact details


BRP Collection

If you applied for your Student visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 General visa) outside of the UK and chose to collect your BRP at the University, our team will contact you via MyHull Portal to notify you when your BRP has been received and to arrange its collection following completion of your self-isolation period.

If you have collected your BRP from the Post Office, please send our team a copy (photograph) of your BRP and the Entry Clearance Vignette (and UK entry stamp) in your passport. 

If you are planning to leave the UK but have not yet collected your BRP please contact our team as soon as possible.


Police Registration

If you are required to register with the police as a condition of your new Student visa (formerly know as a Tier 4 visa) or if you need to update your current police registration certificate with details of our new visa, address or other changes, please check what our local police current process is here.

Please note that their appointment times and location may be limited due to the current social distancing measures.


Useful Links

UK Visa and Immigration, including Coronavirus advice for UK visa applicants and visa holders

UK Government foreign travel advice

UK Council for International Student Affairs, including Coronavirus and visa advice for international students


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